On her side of the desert town of Scottsdale, Arizona, Cindy Zimmermann was long known for her love of the handwritten note, founder of Writing In Style, LLC, columnist for Pen World magazine, and an entertaining, light-hearted, motivating speaker. She thought her message “The Power of the Written Word” coupled with her unique title of “Self-Appointed Handwritten Note Advocate” was more than enough to make her “A Woman of Interest.” After all, how many of them are there in the world?

However, the Scottsdale Police Department, the media, some friends, and even some family would find her “A Woman of Interest” for a very different reason—she was a suspect in the murder of her husband. Even more interesting and more suspicious was the fact that Cindy and Paul Zimmermann’s tumultuous divorce was finalized on the same day as his death.

The police knew what she did not know. Someone was using the very same power of the written word—pen and paper—to create a strategy titled “The Tomasio Game Plan.” Who was involved in this plan to brutally murder her husband of 23 years? She would indeed be “A Woman of Interest” for many years, for many reasons.

Now, Cindy has agreed to share her letters for the reward of being able to publicly thank her friends, family, and the professionals who helped her. Additionally important to her is the opportunity to share with her readers what she has come to learn even more: whether used for good or evil, never underestimate the power of the handwritten word.